The use of water jet cutting in precision machining

The use of water jet cutting in precision machining

Although it seems like a very simple cut, since it is a water jet technique, it is more complex than it seems. In its most basic form, a powerful jet is controlled at very high pressures. Potential energy is thus converted into kinetic energy. Thus we get a jet of energy for micromachining.

The machinery we use for this process can operate either with pure water jet, or with water and an abrasive. In the case of using pure water, we cut much softer materials than with the abrasive mixture, this is more recommended for harder materials.

Advantages of using water jet cutting:

  • Since it is a cold cutting process, it is much more cautious with metals. In addition, it maintains the structure of the metal worked.

  • There is no heat deformation at any time.
  • There is also no increase in material hardness when applying the water jet during the cutting process.
  • Since a water jet is used, no vapors are released.

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