Mecanizados de precisión con el acero especial F-127

Mecanizados de precisión con el acero especial F-127

The current industrial needs require more and more specialized material. Within the family of steels, there is a great variety of them, where each of them has very specific qualities and characteristics. Normally we will find it in round bar grades, although we can also find them with square, hexagonal, rectangular or laminated shapes. In the case of this entry, we will talk about F-127 steel.

This is a material that belongs to the special steels family, more specifically within the 100 or F-100 Series: fine steels for general construction, within the subgroup of alloy steels of high construction strength, in the F-120 - F-130 group. Specifically, F-127 steel is a chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel up to 120 Kg/mm^2 for high strength and good toughness parts.

Multiple applications of F-127 steel

  • It is used in crankshafts, connecting rods, axles, etc.

  • It has great hardenability, with oil tempering being recommended.

  • Used for heavy armor because it has great creep resistance.

  • Withstands temperatures up to 350º C.

  • Available in rounds of 15 to 600 mm in annealed or treated finish.


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