TIG welding vs. MIG welding in precision tooling

TIG welding vs. MIG welding in precision tooling

Para comprender las diferencias entre soldadura TIG vs MIG.

There are currently various types of welding, as many as the fields in which it is used: boilermaking, carpentry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing ... But if there are two in particular that stand out, it is MIG welding and TIG welding. They are two types of arc welding, but do we know the differences between them?

To understand how they differ, first, let's define what each of them consists of.


The acronym corresponds to Tungsten Inert Gas and it’s a type of welding that has risen in recent years, it is also highly regarded in the work field. It uses alternating current that is characterized by the use of a tungsten electrode.

The most relevant advantage is collecting highly resistant, ductile cords with less corrosion sensitivity. In addition, on the other hand, cleaner and more uniform welds are achieved, since it hardly produces fumes or splashings. It requires a technique by highly specialized personnel, that’s why in Mecanizados Sinc we have the best expertise so we can help our customers achieve their expected result.



On the other hand, MIG welding gets its acronym for Metal Inert Gas, and in this case, arc welding is performed under protective gas with consumable electrode.

It’s a process that is used in many contexts, but above all, for low and medium thicknesses in steel and aluminum structures, due to its welding resistance. In MIG welding, the electrode is consumed during the parts’ welding.

What are the main differences?


TIG welding uses the tungsten electrode, while in MIG welding the metal one is used.


TIG welding depends on a high level of expertise.


TIG welding requires a separate filling material, while MIG delivers the filling material using the electrode.

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