The technique of slotting in Mecanizados Sinc

The technique of slotting in Mecanizados Sinc

Slotting consists on the set of machining operations performed with the slotter machine. These operations are characterized because the main movement is movement and the tool used is single wire. Usually it creates flat surfaces and grooves parallel to the direction of said main movement, which is performed in a vertical plane in the slotting.

The slotter machine or kinematic vertical filing machine is a machine equipped with a rectilinear movement. This, starts the chip when moving the pieces fixed on the worktable. The slotter machine works in a similar way to that of the file or brush.

That is to say, it is a machine whose tool has a rectilinear or alternative movement of forward and reverse on parts fixed on the machine table. In addition, it allows the machining of flat surfaces parallel to the cutting direction. The vertical filing machine allows the machining of pieces of larger dimensions than the filing machine, as it is the axis of displacement of the vertical slotter machine.

Different cutting movements can be obtained with the slotting

  • Cut. It is produced by the longitudinal and vertical displacement of the tool on the workpiece.

  • Advance. Due to the transverse or circular displacement of the workpiece.

  • Depth of pass. It is achieved by the longitudinal or axial displacement of the piece.

The penetration movement is achieved approximately for the first pass through the relative positioning between workpiece and tool. In fact, it is a movement prior to the removal of material. However, once the initial fixation of the workpiece and tool is made, penetration movements are necessary. And they are obtained by displacement of the element. The slotting is usually used in a smaller number of jobs, compared to other machining processes such as turning or milling.

The arrangement of the tool in the slotting machine, facilitates the machining of grooves both exterior and interior. It is also used to carve gears, contour plates, cams, levers, etc.

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