Business Unit

MECANIZADOS SINC S.L.U. is a company dedicated to:
“Industrial mechanics solutions for parts or complete products. Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Sale of precision machined parts and welded assemblies Finishes by means of: polymeric coatings, metallic coatings and/or thermal or thermochemical processes.”

The company's main guidelines aim to:

  • - Ensure continuous improvement of the service provided, always meeting the requirements of stakeholders, as well as complying with any applicable regulatory and/or legal requirements.
  • - Provide a reference framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives.
  • - Our stakeholders perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement.
  • - Achieve a high degree of stakeholder loyalty.


To this end, and always taking the Quality Management System as baseline, the following guidelines have been established:

  • - The Management team is committed to complying with the Quality Policy, the objectives and LEADING the development and implementation of our Management System, always seeking to continuously improve its effectiveness.
  • - Our personnel as a whole must comply with the provisions of the company's Manuals and Procedures, always taking into consideration inherent risk assessment.
  • - Establecer un contacto continuo con las partes interesadas, para conocer sus necesidades y poder adaptarse a las mismas.
  • - To establish continuous contact with stakeholders in order to be aware of their needs and to be able to adapt to such needs.
  • - Use of the Process Risk Assessment methodology to prevent any possible deviations or non-conformities in the Quality Management System.