New Yaskawa welding robot with extra-long range

New Yaskawa welding robot with extra-long range

Yaskawa es un referente en robótica y mecanizado a nivel mundial.

Yaskawa is a landmark in robotics and tooling worldwide. And as such, it has always been and is currently at the forefront of technology. Carrying on its tradition, this past December 11th they presented a new welding robot with an extra-long range.

Expanding its AR welding line, it has created the new Motoman AR3120 robot, which offers a greater range, improving the flexibility of its application. It has a horizontal reach of 3124 mm and a vertical one of 5622 mm. With these capabilities, it has become the welding robot with the greatest reach so far.

Why is the Motoman AR3120 robot so useful?

Yaskawa's new product optimizes welding quality and the latest available performance to date, adding a useful payload capacity, higher shaft speeds and wrist inertia, being the most powerful in its class. It is perfect to be used in agricultural equipment, construction machinery or car frames.

Furthermore, it is ideal for high density designs due to its arm’s lightness and aerodynamic profile. This makes it easier to use in confined spaces. In addition to all of this, it is highly resistant, both in its materials and its circuitry. On the other hand, its installation is surprisingly simple and efficient.

Another point in favor is the diagnosis and maintenance improvement, because manufacturers already take into account possible inconveniences, they make it easier to solve any kind of problems in order to operate with more safety and peace of mind.

We can install the Motoman AR3120 Robot on the floor, on the wall, inclined or on the ceiling. Furthermore to this versatility, it has a very simple type of installation to make the process more comfortable.

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